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Heidelberger Oktoberfest auf der Heidelwiesn

Terms and Conditions

1. Terms of reservation, costs and cancellation
Seat reservations in a box of the categories A-D and at the VIP tables are only possible in the form of a full table. The price of 150, - € (D), 200, - € (C & VIP), 250, - € (B) and 300, - € (A) has the entrance fee for 8 people and the legal VAT of 19% included. After ordering and sending the reservation confirmation, a cancellation of the reservation or a change of reservation is no longer possible.
Seat reservations for tables in the Schwemme are only possible for 2 persons. The cost of a seat is 15, - Euro regardless of how many people use the table.
Seat reservations for single tables are valid for one person. The cost of a seat is 10, - € - regardless of how many people use the table.
Reservations will be canceled if the invoice has not been paid within 10 days of receiving the invoice. In this case, a cancellation fee of 50% of the invoice amount will be charged.
Place requests are only taken into account in relation to the booked table, a specific seat at a certain table can not be guaranteed. The maximum number of persons in the boxes is determined by the number of seats.
Reservations are only valid for the reserver or its guests. The reserver receive a reservation confirmation which must be submitted in printed form at the entrance.  After expiry of the reserved event day, the respective ticket loses its validity.
The contract of the parties becomes effective with confirmation of the reservation by the AGKD GmbH. Before the reservation confirmation the corresponding invoice will be sent. The reserver will receive the reservation confirmation no later than one week before the reservation date - but not before payment. The reservations are only valid for the day of booking in the respective opening period of the tent. Reserved seats are kept free until a maximum of 7.30 pm, unless otherwise agreed in written form with AGKD GmbH. If the reserved seats are not occupied after 7.30 pm, they can be assigned by AGKD GmbH elsewhere. A refund of the reservation costs will not be made in this case.

2. Terms of payment
The invoice amount shown on the invoice must be paid to the designated address within 10 days of receipt of the invoice, but no later than 3 days before the event date. The consumption amount must be paid to the responsible service staff. Credit cards are not accepted.

3. Disclaimer
The liability for damages which do not arise from the injury of life, body or health is excluded, unless the breach of duty is based on gross negligence or intent. If due to force majeure, official orders, security considerations or other important reasons, the fixed operation can not be performed, any amounts paid will NOT be refunded.The orders of the security service are to be fully complied with at all times. In the case of violations, the visitor can be expelled from the event at any time and immediately. Again, no reimbursement of sums paid will take place.

4. Sale and transfer of tickets
The passing on or the sale of a ticket is only permitted if the AGKD GmbH is informed in written form regarding the name and address of the new ticket owner. Any visitor with a ticket not registered on him or his companion may be denied access to the event.
In the case of violations of these Terms and Conditions AGKD GmbH is entitled to block the ticket and / or the affected tickets - also electronically - and deny entry to the holder of the ticket without compensation.

Furthermore, AGKD GmbH is entitled to refuse any future sale of tickets to the offender and, in any case of culpable breach of the prohibitions under paragraph 6 (2) and demand payment of a reasonable, put into the reasonable discretion of the organizer and if necessary, request the contractual court to review the contractual penalty. Decisive for the number of violations is the number of offered, sold, passed on or used tickets. In addition, AGKD GmbH reserves the right, particularly in the event of commercial resale of tickets, to report about the incident in a reasonable manner, including by name, in order to prevent the use of the cards in the future in breach of contract. Other civil and criminal claims are expressly reserved.

Further claims are excluded. The reservator is liable for all personal injury and property damage throughout the event grounds culpably caused by him and / or his guests in connection with the Event. The reserving party indemnifies AGKD GmbH against all claims for damages asserted by third parties.


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